Work Environment: The Power Of Communication And Its Importance

Communication at work is essential to obtain good results, and failure in this system can lead to administrative problems.

Importance Of Work Environment

Since the world is the world, communication is the main form of dialogue between people, whether through images, words, signs, or sounds. What matters is that the transmitted message is received correctly. No matter the situation, we need to communicate. Whether ordering a snack at a restaurant or “making small talk” with a friend, interlocution is the only way to achieve what we want.

Of course, it would be no different in the work environment, as communication helps the company in general, and it is impossible to set goals for your employees without you communicating directly with them. This conversation does not necessarily need to be “face to face,” as the communications can be transmitted through other means such as:

  • emails;
  • internal chats; and

The important thing is that the dialogue is transparent so that the receiver receives the message and interprets it correctly, thus generating the desired result. But do you know the importance of communication in the workplace? And what are the reasons that make dialogue tremendous responsible for business gains? For the avoidance of doubt, we have brought you the benefits that good communication can offer.

Advantages Of Efficient Communication At Work

It is worth emphasizing that keeping an open way of efficient communication does not mean exaggerating the amount of information because when an employee is exposed to an unnecessary amount of content, he can feel unmotivated.

On the other hand, when the necessary information is exchanged, and everything that is passed on to employees is interpreted correctly, the results are:

  • more efficient solutions;
  • new and profitable ideas;
  • strategies fulfilled on time;
  • shared knowledge; and
  • quality information.

They are always remembering that it is necessary to be objective so that their listeners can understand what is said, closing the doors to any failures.

Communication Failure

A survey conducted with 300 companies by PMI (Project Management Institute) states that 75% of the organizations that participated in the survey, on average, defined that poor communication in the work environment was the main reason for failure in various internal activities.

Therefore, that is, so that failure does not harm the company, there is a need always to have a good conversation, which includes:

  • point out mistakes, cordially and individually;
  • exchange ideas to find solutions; and
  • get the certainty that what was said was understood.

An excellent example of communication failure from structurely AI assistant between the leader and the employee is reworked. When the manager evaluates the product developed by the employee and realizes that what was delivered does not match what was requested, it is noticed that the message passed by the sender was not received correctly.

This failure can be associated with a lack of objectivity, the way it was explained, the use of language, or, in some cases, a lack of interest in listening to what the other has to say. However, the lack of communication never occurs only due to the exclusive error of the leader.

This is because, within a company, dialogue must be a two-way street. The leader communicates with the employee, who makes room for listening and, of course, also offering their opinion.

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