WordPress Vs Shared Hosting: Which is Better for Startups?

Websites have become an essential part of any business and non-business endeavor. The global population is seeking the internet as the source of unlimited and easy information source. It goes to show how having an independent website at this age will be the deciding factor in any of your endeavors. There are tons of business startups emerging everywhere and competing with each other for customers, influence and online presence. If you want your startup to fare well against these adversaries, you will need an impactful website that is fast and user-friendly.

The best way to launch a perfect website is to choose a suitable hosting service. Good web hosting is synonymous with a good website. Ask your developer friends if you don’t believe me. Still, there is always the problem of choosing the first hosting service for your website. There are issues you have to answer like, being short on budget or not knowing about the operations of the hosting service.

We are going to look at all of these issues and, by the end you are done reading, I am pretty sure you will know which service to go for.

Shared Hosting

A web hosting service allows a user to host a website on a server. In shared hosting, one server hosts many such websites belonging to different entities. It allows them to share the memory space, bandwidth processing power and other server resources among each other.

Shared hosting is the cheapest web hosting service that providers can offer their clients. It makes sense to lower the price because one server is used to host 100 to 1000 websites at a time. It saves providers a ton of money on leasing more servers and widens profit margins considerably.

The market of shared hosting services is extremely competitive and, you may have to choose from a ton of hosting providers. MilesWeb is one of the few hosting providers to give a perfect experience for your first shared hosting.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is currently the most popular medium to build or create websites. As a content management system CMS, WordPress provides tools and an interface to create interactive PHP-based websites. The main problem comes when you have to host a WordPress website.

A regular shared hosting will do fine to host a WordPress website, as long as you properly maintain and manage it. Users have to tweak the settings of their shared hosting and configure them to host the website without any debacles. It is a lot of work that requires focus, diligence and knowledge of the system to properly assimilate the WordPress application.

In WordPress hosting, the provider will install the WordPress application for you and configure the system to suit it. It is a value-added service that enhances the features of regular shared hosting and makes it more agreeable with WordPress users.

Head-to-head Comparison Between Shared and WordPress Hosting Services

There are a lot of similarities between shared and WordPress hosting services as WordPress hosting is a more decorated version of shared hosting. Still, they pose some clear differences among the two of them to differentiate.


Shared Hosting

Shared hosting has the lowest technical difficulty to use among other web hosting services. It is fairly easy to host a website on shared hosting. The problem is configurations as websites need tools and applications to support themselves. As a user, you have to be aware and technically skilled to operate the hosting’s settings.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is shared hosting that provider has specially designed for WordPress websites. The provider does all the settings and configurations for the WordPress application before the user hosts the website. It considerably eases the further assimilation process as users get a head-start in the hosting.


Shared Hosting

Built for supporting websites with performances average and below, shared hosting is not suitable to host websites with large day-to-day operations. WordPress is an application that accumulates more software requirements over time that will be hard to fulfill with shared hosting.

WordPress Hosting

The settings of WordPress hosting are perfect to support a WordPress website for an extended period. The various plugins and themes you will install for your website will have total compatibility with WordPress hosting. Compared to shared hosting, your WordPress website will perform way better on WordPress hosting.


Shared Hosting

Many hosting providers offer a decent shared hosting service that users can manage on their own. However, without the know-how, users have to get to know the system before managing it. It takes more time and requires trial and error to learn unless you have a technical background.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting services have a pre-configured system to host a WordPress website. Users don’t need to put much attention or effort into learning or managing the hosting as the provider has done most of it for them. Some providers offer managed hosting services for WordPress hosting to reduce your burden of managing it yourself.


Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the crudest and easy-to-offer service for providers. So, the providers charge the minimum amount for shared hosting. Not to mention the cutthroat competition in the market forces the providers to maintain competitive pricing.

WordPress Hosting

There is a very minute difference in the overall costs between the shared and WordPress hosting services. Some providers like MilesWeb even offer shared and managed WordPress hosting at the same price. Although the policies of the provider hugely determine the price difference between the two, it is clear that WordPress hosting is costlier.

Which one is Better for You?

Shared hosting and WordPress hosting are perfect options for the first web hosting. However, a startup must consider all aspects of them and choose one that is more compatible with the website and overall budget.

Plain and simple, if your website is WordPress-based, WordPress hosting will be the ideal choice.

If you have designed a dynamic website with coding, you will have no choice but to get a shared hosting service.

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