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What You Need To Know About the Smart Building Lighting System

An intelligent building lighting system is aimed at saving the total consumption of electrical energy usage. In any building, 20- 60 %of the total electricity consumption is from lighting. Most people forget to turn off the lights when leaving a room, thus increases power usage.

Inefficiency in energy and cost can be overcome by designing smart light control systems. The smart building lighting system is controlled using the internet, thus reduces power wastage.

What Is A Smart Building?

 A smart building is any building that uses automation to control the operations of the facility. Functions like ventilation, lighting, heating, air conditioning, and security are usually automatically connected to the lighting systems.

Ledibond mainly focuses on the creation of smart buildings. Innovative products from Ledibond offer significant improvements to the home and office settings through flexible designs.

 Why Use Ledibond Smart Lighting System

1. Use of Tracy Elements

Ledibond uses Tracy elements and seamless integration of sensors. Tracy elements have a thickness of about 6mm. The Ledibond system simultaneously provides high-efficiency LED lighting system. The designs can be integrated with a wide range of IoT devices like Co2 and motion sensors.

2. Saves Costs

  LEDs use less electricity than many conventional lighting technologies, thus saves costs and reduces environmental impact. The Tracy elements run electrical power, data, and lighting for up to 50 meters using a single electrical input, making them ideal for a smart building lighting system.

3. Customisation

 Ledibond lighting technology delivers highly customized solutions for large projects. The lights are controlled and monitored remotely, depending on the needs of the user. The control system is designed using Arduino Mega 2560 as a microcontroller.

The microcontroller relays as connectors and electric breakers voltage lamps and motion sensors. This acts as a switch that turns off the lights when there is no person in the room. The motion sensors also serve as an indicator of the activity in the room.

The outdoor lights are lit following a predetermined schedule for more efficient power usage. The smart building lighting system is expected to reduce electrical energy usage consumption, which enhances its efficiency.

 Advantages of Using Ledibond Smart Lighting Technology

Ledibond intelligent lighting technology is a unique, innovative 12v Led lighting system. The lighting technology uses the ultra-slim aluminum LED panel, which is easy to integrate and customize to suit your needs.

The following are the benefits of using the Ledibond lighting system in your smart building:

  • They are comfortable and fast to install
  • The super-slim aluminium makes it easy to integrate the LED panel
  • LED panel is flexible; thus, it can go around corners and fit any length
  • The Ledibond smart lighting system has an unsurpassed lifespan of 100,000 hours
  • Ledibond uses high-quality LEDs available in the market
  • The Ledibond smart lighting has high efficiency and low power consumption, thus saves you money

How Does Smart Building Lighting Work?

The smart building lighting system is remotely controlled using the internet in three different ways:

1. Use Of Mobile Apps Or Voice Assistants

 The smart lights are controlled using a smartphone app or intelligent voice assistants. The lights are connected to the internet; thus, they can be controlled from any mobile gadget.  You can also issue voice commands through voice assistants.

2. Use of IFTTT

 The IFTTT is a unique device that controls your lighting system depending on pre-set conditions. You can set your preferred programs using the IFTTT. The device switches on and off the lights hanging with the pre-set conditions. You must have an IFTTT capable device.

3. Use of Motion-Sensing Lights

 The smart lights can be connected to motion sensors using wired or wireless connections. The motion sensors detect motion, sends a signal to the HUB, which subsequently turns on the lights. The smart lights switch off if there is no motion.

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