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Using meditation for health benefits.

Meditation has for many centuries associated with spiritual health and a general sense of well-being. Those in the Oriental countries, where meditation has always been carried out extensively, may have recognized its holistic effect, and the direct part that meditates can perform in good physical health, as well as in the spiritual.

However, in Western countries, mostly there have been a clueless attitude towards the party, the practice of meditation can play in health. In fact, any benefit of meditation was ridiculed mainly until recently. Health, of course, is the profession of doctors and support professionals, so while physicians have been widely dismissed from meditation as medical aid, it is not surprising that the general public in Western countries has followed their lead .

However, in a way, those traditional attitudes of the medical profession are not defended for consideration. How often have you heard about a patient who is told, when being examined, that there is nothing wrong, “is everything in mind”? There you have a doctor who says, without hesitation, that the patient’s symptoms are all in the mind; They come from the brain and are not “real”. So, if they recognize so easily that the mind creates symptoms, why do not rule out that the mind also can not play a role in health insights or improvements?

It has also been common for doctors dismissing some improvements to a patient’s symptoms, taking a treatment without medication, which is simply a placebo effect. In other words, the improvement is “all in the mind”. On these occasions, doctors, in trying to rule out the improvement of patient health, are recognizing that the patient’s own mind has caused that improvement.

The human mind, of course, is in contact with the whole body 24 hours a day, so if you look at it from that angle, mind and body, physical and mental health, they are totally inextricably linked at all times . As meditation helps to establish more self-control over your mind, you abandon open the possibility that meditation can be used to affect health. In recent years, some health professionals have realized that meditation can have some health benefits, and these are the areas where interest has been more concentrated:

1. The majority of modern doctors will recognize that stress is a source of health problems, and some now recognize that meditation can reduce stress and help people relax.

2. Some studies have been reduced in blood pressure during meditation. That is a positive use of meditation on the health of which I can respond, since I have measured my own blood pressure during meditation, and brought my diastolic reading at 10 points or more, on several occasions.

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