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The Parent-Student Relationship In College Searches

Considering various options and applying for admission to college is stressful for your child. Sometimes parents unintentionally magnify that stress by working the college search process into every conversation. While it’s true that college discussions involve major decisions, which will impact your child’s (and your own) life for the next four to five years, remember that your student is still a high schooler. The college application process should not overshadow their final year of high school. Of course, this is not to say that you should just put your child in charge of the college search and never raise the subject again. You can strike a balance by scheduling regular check-in conversations (such as weekly) to see how your student is progressing, offer guidance, and provide some accountability. This can help you stay informed while taking some pressure off your student who will not need to expect to talk about college options every night at the dinner table. Avoiding smothering your child over the topic of college is the best way to ensure that they feel motivated to include you in the discussions about college as the search continues. Striking a balance can be challenging, but for more information on how to do so, check out the infographic embedded within this post.

The Parent-Student Relationship In College Searches for more information on the college search process, be sure to check out the Encourage App

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