The forecasting of IT trends for 2022

Every year, we set our forecasts for future trends. The year 2022 has come, and we want to put forward the forecasts regarding the IT sphere. Our IT experts take into account the events and sensations of the past years and give certain arguments and evidence of their judgment in order to justify their views.

The past year has been very interesting if you touch on all possible areas. Starting from politics, ending with technology. Accordingly, the year 2021 was remembered by us as a pandemic and jumps in political and economic situations that people either assessed or scolded. For me personally, this year was remembered for phenomenal technological sensations that really shocked society.

Top sensations occurred in 2021 which will influence this year

  • The release of the new Tesla model. A jump in driverless cars technology progress.
  • Bitcoin surges, a technological war for the primacy in the profits of the cryptocurrency.
  • New biotech researches and modeling for genetic engineering, which led to the creation of new remedies, among which is the Covid vaccines.

This list can go on forever, but do not forget that in addition to technological, social, and economic ups and downs, there were also falls. It’s no secret that our life is not only good and profitable moments for us, but also, respectively, failures, collapse, and not profitable situations that often made us give up.

A list of technological predictions for 2022

Big data analytics. Big data analytics is among the most important predictions for 2022, being in the top three. At the same time, its popularity, compared to 2019-2020, decreased slightly in general, while it grew in the real sector. Perhaps the reason is that analytics in a number of industries is no longer perceived as something separate since analytical tools are built into many applications. For that, the real sector finally “tasted” the advantages of solutions based on data, and not on intuition.

According to some experts, the pandemic has “reset” historical data, but still, we have a chance that this area will become a trend for the next decade, as the number of consumers is growing, and it is necessary to analyze the information to answer their wishes to receive the personal search results, customized ads, and user-centered offers. Big data analysts will be given the opportunity to become a full-fledged profession with a fairly solid salary.

Artificial intelligence. This year, artificial intelligence regained second place, again pushing clouds to third. At the same time, its popularity, having slightly sifted “in general”, has grown in the real sector. AI failed to get into the top three only in telecom and industry, but, like last year, it topped the rating in medicine. What is somewhat surprising, artificial intelligence does not have any special breakthroughs in this area in 2021, except for self-supervised learning. This was a strong point in making progress for the areas, where real data samples are limited and the AI system can create the datasets based on the user’s row data to teach itself.

However, in general, faith in the possibilities of artificial intelligence is growing, as time does not stand still, and technological capabilities are growing. Therefore, artificial intelligence should reach a new level in 2022.

Cloud solutions. “Clouds” in 2021 fell back to the third line, losing popularity both “in general” and in the “real sector”. This might seem strange, given the growth of their popularity, including that caused by the coronavirus pandemic. However, such a forced and hasty transition to cloud solutions could not but lead to the accumulation of negative experience, which resulted in a lower assessment of cloud prospects than in 2019-2020. But, given the growth of network capabilities and the development of the 5-G system, clouds will also be in demand due to the incredible speed of information transfer in 2022.

Autonomous systems. This year, autonomous systems have risen in the overall ranking from 5th place to 4th, and in the rating of the real sector they have significantly broken away from analytics. Nothing breakthrough has happened in a year, but regularly appearing reports about robots that are better oriented in real space have increased faith in the progress of self-driving devices. The areas of the most likely application of autonomous systems are, as CNews respondents believe, of course, the transport industry and agriculture, in which hopes for the AU are even higher. Also, such systems are believed in in the oil and gas sector, in which it is expensive to send an independently operating device to hard-to-reach places, in which, as a rule, natural resources lie. Autonomous systems will succeed in 2022 and will be more in demand.

Virtual and augmented reality. AR/VR technologies turned out to be in the top three in-demand in medicine, although with a huge gap from data analysis and artificial intelligence.


In healthcare, we hope that these technologies will accelerate the development of telemedicine, in particular, make the processes of training physicians more effective using the best practical examples. Similar hopes are pinned on AR/VR and in the field of education.

You have just read the top compiled on IT predictions for 2022. But it is worth understanding that anything can happen, and even the most logical and reasonable assumptions may not be realized. Add your thoughts in the comments.

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