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Rule Land Technology Or It Will Manage You

At any point do you feel a piece overpowered with the technology stuff that is all out there
to assist you with developing your land business?

Sites, GPS, PDAs, workstations, work areas, bluetooth, robotized 800 numbers,
contact the board programming… The rundown is perpetual.

At any point feel like technology really holds you back from finishing things?

In my movements assisting realtors with utilizing technology to get more cash-flow,
I have observed that there are essentially two kinds of individuals: the people who rule technology
what’s more, the people who are controlled by technology.

The distinction doesn’t have such a huge amount to do with what an individual knows about
contraptions, thingamajigs, sites and so forth. That is a distinction of information, and
information is something everybody approaches. The significant differentiation here is
aim – the purposeful choice that you should make about how technology fits
into your business.

Very much like a business has no worth without a client, technology is useless until it
is utilized for a particular reason – to arrive at some objective.

Involving technology for a particular, thoroughly examined reason will assist with getting you to your
objective all the more rapidly and with less exertion.

Presently I know (as I’m certain you do) land aces who have constructed multimillion dollar
businesses without turning on a PC, yet I’m not composition for them.

Utilizing technology to help your land business is savvy business. So here are
a few rules to assist you with ensuring that YOU are the one that is stays in charge.


#1 Put forth your objectives FIRST. Then, at that point, utilize the instruments you want to arrive at those objectives and
disregard the rest. Who tends to think about the thing every other person is doing?


Take for instance the PDA. Everybody needs one right? No. Would you like to be
open to your clients immediately?

Perhaps, perhaps not. There are a lot of effective realtors on both
sides of that contention.

Put forth your business objectives FIRST, before you let your psyche go onto tracking down the apparatuses
(technology) you should arrive at those objectives.


#2 Don’t bounce in the profound end


On the off chance that you’ve never turned on a PC or care barely at all about them for your
business, then don’t run out and purchase the most recent one with each chime and whistle
under the sun.

The objective isn’t to be tech astute. The objective is to be useful and get more cash-flow
significantly quicker.

Begin slow and make little strides. Also, ensure that your efficiency is expanding
with every technology “step” you take.


#3 Learn… furthermore, continue to learn


Do you peruse books about land? About business? About showcasing? Toss
one in occasionally about technology. Or then again even better, commit some time
every month to get on the web and perused a few articles that will show you how to
use technology in your business.

Learn constantly. Learning is quite possibly of your most noteworthy key resource.


#4 Get a timetable and stick to it


Do you browse your email or voice message 20 times each day? 10 times each day? Do you really want
to? Does it make you more useful or simply more occupied?

Cause a timetable for how you to connect with technology. For instance, you could return
voice messages before lunch and browse your email 2 times each day.

The subtleties of the timetable don’t make any difference. Make it anyway you need. The significant
thing is that you have a timetable and stick to it. Your timetable will keep technology
from gushing out over into the time you need to be useful.


#5 Comprehend that most technology is definitely not exactly awesome


I truly mean this. The following time your PC freezes or your email goes haywire,
try not to fault yourself. There is a 95% opportunity it wasn’t a thing you did.

Generally, technology is unremarkable. It has bugs, characteristics and different issues
that show up at the most terrible times.

Simply acknowledge the great alongside the awful and advance as you go.

Quit accusing yourself. You’re significantly more clever than the heap of wire and
plastic that is your PC.

Jason Leister, the Land Technology Master ™, is proprietor of PC Super Person, LLC, a Chicago-based technology firm that assists realtors with benefitting with technology.

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