Reviewing MicroBilt’s Enhanced People Search For Skip Tracing

Businesses, organizations, agencies, and investigators often need to find people, who just don’t want to be found, or are untraceable for varied reasons. For instance, how can a lawyer find the heir to an estate, if details are not updated or relevant? Or, how can debt recovery agents look for debtors and customers, who are simply trying to be evasive, to avoid payment? That’s where skip tracing comes in the picture. In simple words, skip tracing is the process of locating a person’s current whereabouts, by gathering data and information from reliable and multiple sources.

MicroBilt, a company that has been spearheading the work in developing skip tracing tools, has come up with its own suite. One of their popular tools is called Enhanced People Search. Is this the best skip tracing software? In this post, we are doing a quick review.

What is Enhanced People Search?

Simply put, Enhanced People Search has been designed as an elaborate tool for finding people and getting current contact & important identity details. Enhanced People Search is among the advanced tools from MicroBilt, which can help businesses and investigators in finding personal information of an individual. For that, data sources are used extensively, and data from multiple sources, including credit bureau data, and even proprietary data resources, are utilized.

Enhanced People Search will generate a report, which will share details like name, aliases, date of birth, SSN number, current address, summary of previous addresses, phone details and so on. If the individual is no longer alive, death details will be shared in the report, as well. Enhanced People Search is also capable of identifying and mentioning profiles that can be considered high-risk.

Who can use Enhanced People Search?

Enhanced People Search is likely to be a primary skip tracing tool for companies and agencies that are involved in debt recovery and collections. Skip tracing, in other ways, can be expensive, and that’s were MicroBilt’s tools come in. Enhanced People Search is meant to be cost effective, so recovery professionals can use it time and again, for varied needs, and the report generated is so well-defined that there is little or no room for extra homework. Other organizations can also rely on Enhanced People Search for searching individuals, who cannot be traced or have been deliberating changing their details to avoid being in reach.


Enhanced People Search is definitely a winner from MicroBilt. The company also has other tools for skip tracing, and each one serves an intended purpose. For businesses, clients, and those dealing with investigations, MicroBilt’s resources are not just reliable, but also affordable and worth placing the trust. Will this work for your business? To know more, we recommend that you check the website of MicroBilt, or get in touch with their team for details. They do offer custom solutions for clients in need of specific skip tracing assistance, and their costing always remains effective, even when tailored to meet needs. You can refer to other skip tracing tools from MicroBilt for better understanding.

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