Ombori Grid Challenges Retailers To Change Their Thinking With An Omnichannel Approach

No matter where you go in the business world, you’ll find high-level discussions surrounding omnichannel evolution. An omnichannel approach to business is essentially a system set in place that allows your customers to access your brand and its services from any device, at any time, optimizing convenience while integrating seamless processing. Omnichannel systems, like the ones created by Ombori Grid, are incredibly vital to the retail world as we understand it to be today. Consumers are increasingly turning to digital apparatuses and elevated expectations for customer service and care.

Practical Applications of Omnichannel Practices

Ombori Grid helps businesses set in place the omnichannel approach they need to succeed in today’s customer-oriented world. While Ombori Grid is a leader in this system, other businesses have already developed an omnichannel approach that works for them.

To better understand the omnichannel philosophy and how it can play out in today’s retail environment, let’s take a look at a few companies that are doing it right, so to speak.

Starbucks – An industry leader and disruptor, Starbucks has been an early adopter of omnichannel customer service. Customers can order via an app on their phone, paying long before they ever arrive at the location. Nearby stores can be suggested through geo-tracking, while live wait times offer customers the ability to pick and choose their line experience.

Crate and Barrel – Whether you are redesigning your living room or planning a whole home make-over, you’ll find an omnichannel approach at Crate and Barrel. Crate and Barrel has a website and applications that work in concert to alleviate the burden and stress of shopping.

The Omnichannel Evolution

As the team at Ombori Grid is quick to point out, embracing an omnichannel approach is going to happen at one point or another and likely sooner than you might think. Retail services are undergoing a dramatic revolution in both scale and expectation, giving consumers more choice than ever while empowering them at the same time.

The Omnichannel approach has already been instilled into the customer experience, whether they realize it or not. From shopping on cell phones to browsing mobile websites and communicating with customer care, the omnichannel is here to stay.

Ombori Grid suggests that there are some key benefits and advantages that come with adopting a proactive stance concerning omnichannel solutions.

  • 40% of Shoppers Buy Online + Purchase Additional Items During Collection
  • Customers Are More Likely To Complete Large Purchases
  • Ship From Store Alleviate’s Shipping Stress
  • Online Inventory Is Convenient and Accessible

We’ve seen several retail outlets elevate their offerings by embracing this omnichannel approach. We’ll briefly showcase two companies that deserve recognition for their work pushing the field forward.

REI – More than 75% of REI’s shoppers spent time on the internet or the REI application before coming into the store to make their purchase. Within the building, REI offers free wi-fi while encouraging shoppers to browse the website or app on their personal devices, allowing them to quickly scan barcodes to read reviews and learn more.

Timberland – Online and in-store shopping fuse together through large touch screen displays known as TouchWalls. Integrated throughout the store, these walls display inventory, product specs, images, and videos to inform and entertain shoppers.

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