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Log Maintenance: Basics You Must Understand

Log maintenance differs from regular homes. It’s not to state that it’s harder but it’s certainly not simpler. You will find just different issues worried about log homes or log cabins compared to regular concrete walls and hardwood flooring in homes.

Dark patches

Dark patches are signs issues for logs. This occurs due to molds which have grown due to rain splatter. This really is easily cleared up with water combined with bleach solution. Brush-off the molds by having an old toothbrush.


Cracks are inevitable in log homes, and that’s why you should review the whole log house once in some time. Cracks happen due to humidity and also the altering seasons. Do not concern yourself relating to this since it is an ordinary factor to occur to logs, with no impact on its integrity. There are various types of sealants that will help seal the cracks. Just make certain you may well ask professionals around the appropriate sealant for that log you have. For bigger cracks there’s also solutions that should hide the space. A sealant is going to do the final touch.


This isn’t just a part of maintenance but it’s an essential take into account the making of a log home. Stains safeguard the vacation cabin from disintegration. The constant maintenance part though happens when stain is not working. It is similar to paint that’s already faded, it’s no longer the colour that you simply wanted to begin with. For stains, it might not be a protection any longer when the stain has thinned out. Do not concern yourself though as this don’t happen with time. It requires a couple of years for stains to get rid of its protective touch. To understand when the stain continues to be working, sprinkle water around the log and when water beads up and runs lower the log then it’s still carrying out a protective job. If you need to reapply stain, make certain you clean the whole log home first with water and allow it to dry for any couple of days before you apply the stain.

Check gutters regularly

In almost any house, gutters are essential to help keep water from running all around the paint from the exterior. For any log house, it’s much more vital that you maintain water around the log since it could damage the house. Immersing sign in water may cause the log to get weak. This is actually the same for log cabins, while they’re not immersed in water, over consumption in water can lead to eventual weakness. For this reason gutters are important in log homes, more essential compared to regular homes. Gutters also prevent logs from darkening. Make certain running off water are diverted from the log home. Also, keep gutters clean.

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