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Is good mental health the same as a good mood?

The impression that good mental health is the same as a permanently good mood that applies in the world. We are constantly trying happily.

We want to have a lot of material pleasure and we don’t want to be sad for any reason. We want to avoid pain.

Good mental health in historical time we are basically defined as a permanently good mood, as if this is a reasonable hope.

Modern civilization is characterized by ignorance, reckless, and tendor, in parallel with poverty and terror.

We live in a crazy world where no one knows the true meaning of healthy mental health. We believe that good mental health is a state of happiness based on unlimited material and social force pleasure, even when we are wrong.

We believe that falsehood is needed in every social relationship, without considering the shortcomings.

We concentrate all our attention on the way we feel, on the reality of our material, and in our lives on earth. We believe that someone is mentally healthy when they are happy with their material life and they are not disturbed by sadness and worries. We associate happiness to financial, sex, and prestige success.

Make money seems to be the main goal of every human being on earth. This goal defines the meaning of life for hypocrite civilization.

Our civilization distorts the meaning of spirituality, turning it into a philosophy of materialistic and selfish life that does not have signs of religion in it. Greed that characterizes the population we distort the meaning of everything on behalf of satisfaction makes a lot of money, and has everything that can be given by the material world to humans.

The commercial world distorts so many things in our lives by effort to make money regardless of problems created for each individual, that we kill each other through various ways to make money.

Ironically, those who have to protect our mental health and give us hope to become a marketer who actually produces mental health problems to the population. This is a surprising situation that proves the origin of rice fields from human conscience. Only demons can have such behavior.

Psychiatric drugs are sold to produce mental disorders and permanent dependence. This is a demon conspiracy.

Many people do not believe that psychiatrists can mislead the population and have financial advantages thanks to the commission they receive from the pharmaceutical company to promote their dangerous products, without thinking of human mental health. However, this is what happened.

Our doctors are more mentally ill than their patients.

There is no normal human on earth. There are only actors who pretend to be human.

This means that even though we believe that we are smart and we admire our achievements, we are actually dangerous monsters and idiots.

The commercial world tries to cover this truth and indifferently promote its products, but the truth cannot be fully hidden.

Good mental health is not the same as a good mood. Good mental health depends on the development of your intelligence and sensitivity, and has a wise attitude in all situations.

God sent you a dream of therapy while you’re sleeping because when you don’t wake up you don’t listen to the mind of your devil’s conscience, and you don’t pay attention to those who mislead the outside world.

You must believe in God’s revelation and surpass the wrong concept of modernistic and athistical modern civilization. You must be afraid of your freedom because you are my student. You know that your own conscience is an idiot and the devil’s conscience is too strong. You must be afraid of your decision.

You have to choose to comply with divine guidance like me, even if you will hate everything you have to do to be a perfect human being.

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