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How to Keep Your Business Going During a Merger or Acquisition

by Alex Schnee

While a merger or acquisition can be exciting, it can also be a confusing and frustrating time for your employees and partners. It’s not uncommon to have your business grind to a halt during negotiations, which can make it all the more difficult for business to pick back up in the future. The best thing you can do is to find a way for business operations to continue even when going through negotiations.

Here’s how to keep your business running while performing a merger or acquisitions.


The more your employees and your business partners can communicate, the more likely you are likely to keep your day-to-day systems going. It’s often up to you as a business owner and what is agreed upon with your business partners on what should be share with your workers. This is why you might need some tools like a contract lifecycle management platform in order to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

Have systems in order

You’ll want to double-check and see that the systems you have in place are ready for some major changes. If your employees feel overwhelmed or there need to be cutbacks on staff, then you want your company to be able to run regardless. Knowing your systems and how your employees complete tasks can go a long way toward making sure that your company will continue to run when you eventually step away from being in charge of the day-to-day. It also makes it much easier to hand it over to your new business partners and helps them get off the ground running.

Create a road map

A road map can be an invaluable tool for everyone involved in a merger or acquisition. It can set a timeline that makes sense for any goals that should be completed before you plan on becoming a new entity. You might want to create several road maps for each part of your business, including your new business partners, your staff, and for your own personal goals and your company grows and changes. Going into a merger or acquisition with an idea of when you want to get things done can make all the difference

Follow up

Once the main negotiations have taken place, you’re going to want to check in with your new partners and staff to make sure that the company is in a good spot. This can be a good idea to do before you make your final exit so you know you are leaving things in a place where your business is likely to succeed—even if someone else is now in charge of the operations.

In summary

Keeping your business up and running during a merger or acquisition can be a challenge. However, with a predetermined plan in place and open communication channels, everyone involved is much more likely to be happy with the results of your new business deal.

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