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Factors To Consider Before Buying A Drawing Tablet

The graphics tablet is essential for any professional graphic artist, but not all graphics tablets are created equal. How do you pick the best one for your requirements and budget? This post will look at some of the crucial elements to consider while choosing a graphics tablet.


Most graphics tablets come with accessories. But in some cases, you may need to purchase the accessories by yourself. If the device is strictly compatible with a particular accessory, it could be problematic in the long run. For instance, some graphics tablets work with a stylus and without some specific stylus, it may be difficult to use the product.

However, there are graphics tablets with special features that allow you to convert your cheap pencils and pens into a stylus with a magnetic ring that comes with each device. Another consideration is Bluetooth and operating system compatibility. It would be frustrating to transfer your sketches from your drawing tablet to your smartphone without Bluetooth connectivity.

This is the same for incompatible operating systems. It is best to get tablets that are compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows to reduce the stress of transferring your notes or drawings.

Sensitivity to pressure

Many current graphics tablets have pressure sensitivity, which allows you to adjust the depth of your stroke based on how hard you push the pen. In terms of sensitivity, the goods can differ significantly, just as they can in resolution. Some of the lowest models are entirely devoid of pressure sensitivity.

Pressure sensitivity plays a huge role in the level of quality you may attain with your drawings. If you only need to draw simple sketches, pressure sensitivity may not be an issue. It is, nevertheless, required for any significant painting or design job.

It would be best to go for a tablet with the highest pressure sensitivity available that you can afford. This will give you the most realistic experience of working on paper or canvas with real pens and brushes.

When you see the benefits of pressure sensitivity, you’ll never want to work with a tablet that doesn’t have it. The disparity is too huge.

Physical Dimensions

Usually, the concept of “larger is better” makes sense, but this isn’t always the case for graphic tablets. A larger size usually comes at a higher price for starters, and you don’t always get the best deal this way.

A smaller tablet may offer a better resolution for less money, and most artists find that small tablets are adequate.

When purchasing a larger tablet, make sure you have enough space on your desk to accommodate it. Of course, you could buy a more oversized desk to fix the problem, but you’ll need to make sure you have enough space in your office for it. It is not always possible to purchase a larger workplace.

Be prepared to spend a lot of money if you want a huge tablet with an excellent resolution. Having a larger tablet might sometimes be advantageous. Smaller tablets have the advantage of being easier to travel with and less likely to be damaged than bigger tablets.

Physical Components

What your tablet is made of is also a consideration. The vast majority of graphic tablets are constructed of low-cost polymers. Having more metals than polymers in the tablet’s external structure has a strength advantage.

Metal structure has the disadvantage of being heavier and attracting moisture from the air in cold situations. The drawing surface is more significant than the frame, and in this case, the texture of the material is more important than the substance itself. It’s ideal if the surface is as smooth as possible.

The drawing surface on some of the cheapest tablets may have a grainy texture, which will affect the smoothness of the pen when it glides over the surface. Because you’re drawing directly on a lighter material, it’s the smoothest tablet experience you’ll ever have.

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